Dog Parks in and around Colorado Springs

Dog catching frisbee

Looking for a dog park to visit with your favorite pal. Look to this list to help you find the closest park to you, the best park for your best friend, or just a new park to visit.  Whether you are in Colorado Springs, Canon City or Divide, we have you covered!  If you are looking for other spots you can hang out with your furry friends, check out Bring Fido for a list of places you can stay, play, dine and shop. 

Colorado Springs 

Bear Creek Dog Park
1685 S 21st Street

Rampart Dog Park
8270 Lexington Drive

Stratton Open Space
1598 Ridgeway Avenue

Palmer Park Dog Park
3650 Maizeland Road

Cheyenne Meadows Dog Park
1560 Charmwood Drive

Jackson Park
1149 Holland Park Boulevard

Memorial Park
1605 E Pikes Peak Ave

Fox Run Dog Park
2110 Stella Drive

Eastridge Dog Park
Constitution and Shawnee

Canon City

Arkansas Riverwalk Dog Park
575 Ash Street


Golden Meadows Dog Park
2000 Evergreen Heights Drives



Dog Parks in and around Colorado Springs

Dog catching frisbee

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