Finding the Right Windows for your Home

Male builder installs and checks plastic windows in apartment ho

Window’s don’t just serve as an important barrier between your home and the elements, they play an integral part in its attractiveness too.  But if you’re wondering if it’s time for an upgrade, these tips can help. 

Is it time for a replacement? 

Knowing when a window is well past its expiration date is not always cut and dry.  Some windows can last for over 50 years, while others will need replacing a little sooner.  Here are some telltale signs yours need replacing: 

  • If you live in a particularly windy or rainy location, your windows may need replacing more often.  Keep an eye out for sealant that’s pulling away or the corrosion of window frames.
  • If you moved into an older home, the windows are likely too.  If it’s more than twenty years old, especially, consider the upgrade. 
  • If you’ve noticed your windows are starting to warp or are broken, it’s wise to upgrade before the the problem gets worse.
  • If you’re looking to save money on your energy costs, replacing windows is a great way to conserve.

Which windows are right for you?

  • Vinyl Windows | While they aren’t always as eye catching, vinyl windows are the most cost effective and weather resistant option, making them a great choice for homes in storm-prone areas or along the coast. 
  • Aluminum Windows | Sturdy and structurally sound, aluminum windows, but they have fallen out of fashion with most homeowners.  That being said, they can still be a solid option and can easily be painted for a more appealing look.
  • Fiberglass Windows | This modern option has grown in popularity in recent years, and for good reason, fiberglass is relatively inexpensive, and it will expand and contract with changes in temperature or weather. 

If you are looking to update your windows, reach out to The Cobb Team for recommendations in Colorado Springs. 

Article provided by American Lifestyle Magazine