Quarterly Residential Review Q1 2021

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Welcome to the ERA Shields Stat Pack. The intent for providing information to you is to educate you on the current local real estate market so you can better make decisions for you and your family. Real estate markets vary from city to city as well as neighborhood to neighborhood. When the national media reports how the real estate market is doing, it is reporting on national numbers and it is likely very different from how your neighborhood is performing. You will find factual data within this document from which you may draw your own conclusions. We include a brief summary on the last page. 


This graph compares the number of homes on the market (Active) to the number of homes Sold. It determines how many months it would take to sell through the current listing inventory. Most economists consider 6.0 months to be a balanced market. 

Q1 2021 Inventory


Determine how your price range is performing.  Quarterly Area Comparisons for Single Family & Patio Homes

This chart is ideal for helping you determine how your neighborhood is doing. If you are considering selling your home, this information is just one tool you can reference to assist you with pricing your home strategically. Contact us if you need assistance utilizing this graph.

Based on 1st Quarter Sales and Current Number of Actives 

Price Range Comparisons Single Family & Patio Homes
New Listings Entered into the MLS

This graph shows the total number of new listings entered into the MLS during the Quarter. 


Average Monthly Active Listings for the Quarter shows the approximate number of homes on the market on any given day during the Quarter. 

Average Monthly Active Listings

This graph shows the total number of Solds for the period. Comparing this data over the past 10 years helps determine what trends are occurring. 

Quarterly Sales

The Average & Median Sales Prices for the same period over the past 10 years.  This graph easily illustrates the current health of the local real estate market. 

Odds of Selling


The 1st Quarter of 2021 continued the hot streak for the local residential real estate market. Prices skyrocketed—the average price increased 17.4% for the Quarter to $453,488. The list price/sales price ratio for El Paso County was 103.6%, which means if you listed your home for $100,000, the average home seller actually sold it for $103,600. 

Activity remains incredibly strong with extremely high demand forcing inventory levels to all-time lows. The increase in demand is due to several factors:

  • More and more locals are choosing to stay in the area 
  • The amount of people migrating here continues to be very strong
  • Mortgage rates continue to make buying more attractive
  • Natural population growth across the country 

It has been reported by NAR and First Trust that builders across the nation have not been building enough homes. Over the past 20 years they have averaged 1.2 million per year rather than the 1.5 million needed to keep up with demand. 

Primary Mortgage Market Survey

The data found within the ERA Shields Real Estate Stat Pack, Quarterly Residential Review, is based on information from the Pikes Peak REALTOR® Services Corporation (RSC) or its PPMLS. This content is deemed reliable; however RSC, PPMLS and ERA Shields Real Estate do not guarantee its accuracy. Data maintained by RSC does not reflect all real estate activity in the market. Additional sources include the Colorado Springs Business Alliance, El Paso County Assessor, El Paso County.


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